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Lotus Pond Girls Series of Works

The “Lotus Pond girl series of works “ will be the vivid expression of eastern and western women, beautiful posture and elegant clothes to vivid performance, incisively and vividly!
Artist Wenan Qiao, a famous painter, professor of lifelong art. Chairman of Chinese Collection Association of America, Director of Global Chinese Artists Association, senior academician of Singapore new Shenzhou College of Art Liu Hang, a Singaporean art master, said highly: “He successfully absorbed the essence of Chinese and Western art to create his own art style, which is another gem in the contemporary art world.”
Mr. Qiao held art exhibitions in nearly 10 countries and participated in 60 joint exhibitions. His oil paintings have been collected by political dignitaries, collectors, and art institutions, and they are reported and published by social media and art magazines. In April 2008, the Organizing Committee of Picasso 2008 was appointed as honorary chairman of Picasso Art Forum